Gaga Shuts it Down on Kimmel

Last night, my girl Krayzie Kat and I were fortunate enough to get an invite to this special mini-concert that Lady Gaga put on for Jimmy Kimmel and his audience.  It was so much fun! However, on our invite, it said absolutely no cameras, cell phones, or purses.  And then once we got in, wouldn’t you know it, everyone was taking pics and video on their phones, and like a couple nerds we followed the rules and so now I have to steal video and pictures from someone else. hehe.  Moral of the story, BREAK THE RULES!

Hanging with The Lovely Jennifer Gimenez

Jennifer Gimenez was in studio to chat about Celebrity Rehab and to talk a little about her life story.  She was gracious enough to talk about her path to sobriety and how she now helps others do the same.  She has been all over the place, on magazine covers, on runways, on TV, and in movies (she was in two of my favorites, “Blow” and “The Sweetest Thing”), but she has managed to stay very down to earth.  We had tons of fun with her and if you missed the interview go to and you can listen to it there.