Good Vibrations

I’ve been thinking a lot about accountability and actions.

Do your actions reflect your values? Do you believe in peace but then scream at someone on the freeway? Do you care about the environment but do nothing to lessen your carbon footprint? Lesson to self: Talk is cheap.

Lets all work on walking the walk instead of just talking the talk.

And with that I’d like to issue a challenge to us all.  Think kindness first.  In every single decision you make, choose kindness.

Slowly realize that we are all connected and every action creates a ripple effect.



Love is such a gift.  It is the best part of humanity.  And I’m not just speaking of the love you find in a partner, I’m talking about the love of your family, friends, the love a stranger may show you through kindness, but most of all, the love you have for yourself.  I feel very grateful that recent changes have caused my family to come together even tighter then we already were and discuss what we can all do to be better, more understanding, and helpful to not only each other but to ourselves.  I know I’m kind of rambling and these are just some thoughts that I wanted to get out and share with whomever is interested.  I can remember a time when I didn’t understand how important it was to love myself.  I always thought that if I loved myself more than other people, that meant that I was selfish.  I think it took being mistreated for a very long time in order for me to realize that before I could love someone else, I needed to love myself.  This realization LITERALLY changed my life.  It is so clear how powerful love is.  How much you can help someone and change their day and maybe even their life, with just a little kindness.  I have learned so much in the last few months about the human spirit and how much I have to be grateful for.  I believe in God fully, but I also believe that humans have to have power over their lives and the impact we have on others.  I am so moved by people that I have met, even just briefly, who have something nice to say.  For some reason we have a tendency to act like others don’t exist and just pass them by.  For those of you that take any amount of time to do something nice for another person, thank you, because you make me want to be better.  And on that note, the happiest, most love-filled day of my life was documented beautifully by Gonzo Lubel and Devon Collinge and here are some of my most special moments.

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