Fashion Bangs gets Fit!

Fitness plays a huge role in your personal style and fashion sense.  I’m not talking about becoming a sample size.  Being fit does not mean being super skinny, it means being healthy.  It also doesn’t mean being super ripped and having a six pack.  I fall victim to the same image standards that we see over and over again and admittedly am my bodies own worst critic. But I’m working on judging myself less and loving myself more.  Women that are skinny, athletic, curvy and full figured are all amazing and beautiful and when you workout you get a rush that just makes you feel good about taking care of your body, it is a temple after all! Exercise really helps you feel good in your own skin and that confidence will do more for you than a great outfit ever could.  So here is a video of me and my girl Krayzie Kat getting whipped into shape by Lacee Green of Get Laced Fitness .  I hope you get some ideas and inspiration from our workout!! Now get out and kick some ass!