Oh Land

One of my fave parts of going to concerts is that once in a while some awesome act will open up for the main act and waa la, you have discovered your next obsession. Well this is exactly what happened at the Katy Perry show. This awesome chick named Oh Land came out and just won my heart. Oh and she had some really awesome head pieces. Here is a little clip. Now go fall in love with her.

Katy Perry at Santa Barbara Bowl

I got to go see Katy Perry work it on stage over the weekend. She performed at the Santa Barbara Bowl, and she is from Santa Barbara so it was extra special. I took my big sis and we had such a great time, we were right in the pit and like right next to the stage. It was awesome! Here are some pics and video I took of the show.

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Gaga Shuts it Down on Kimmel

Last night, my girl Krayzie Kat and I were fortunate enough to get an invite to this special mini-concert that Lady Gaga put on for Jimmy Kimmel and his audience.  It was so much fun! However, on our invite, it said absolutely no cameras, cell phones, or purses.  And then once we got in, wouldn’t you know it, everyone was taking pics and video on their phones, and like a couple nerds we followed the rules and so now I have to steal video and pictures from someone else. hehe.  Moral of the story, BREAK THE RULES!

RIP Bob Marley

His message was about love, for yourself and for others. He had such an impact on the world and the way people think. People of all races, ages, backgrounds and political beliefs can relate to his music and find value in his words. I have thought many times about what the world would be like if he were still alive. He was definitely one of the greatest gifts and at the same time one of the greatest losses the world has ever seen. On this day 30 years ago, we lost a great human being, but his soul lives on and I’m positive that he will never be forgotten. This is an interview that I saw a while back, that I just fell in love with.